white-milano-2012 francesco cataldo
massimo ciocca

The architects Francesco Cataldo and Massimo Ciocca, work professionally in architectural design and furnishings. Experimentation with forms and materials, purity of style, strict adherence to the context of the intervention and of the functional use wich have always characterized their activities. The passion for the leather, was born in Florence during their university career with knowledge of small workshops of the city, has materialized in this project, giving birth to a collection of handbags and accessories and the creation of the brand XX cross concept.

The project

Curiosity aroused by the product “xx cross concept” gives birth the coming together of professionals and the common desire to create around this “ idea” and “ construction technique of product” and their professionalism, a project for a container of products, expanding from the fashion industry to the décor world, positioning it in the most advanced market and growing of a “ new generation of cross retail” which follow a thread of international life-style, with flavor, research and construction all made in Italy.